Friday, August 5, 2011

What Kind of Shock you need for your Vehicle?

Not because you own the truck or car  already means that you can easily determine the kind of shock you need. This can be only identified if you know your budget and the type of wheeling that you prefer. You may ask help from your friend or colleagues who have a similar automobile or into off-roading. However, here are some very basic guidelines.

Day to day driver, infrequent off-roader – Try running a twin-tube shock. These shocks offer good bump absorbing benefits while keeping your tires planted firmly on the road and are much cheaper than their more-advanced cousins.

Dedicated rock crawler – Here, differing opinions may arise. In our opinion, a dedicated rock-crawling vehicle doesn’t require fancy-schmancy shock absorbers. The reason: your rig is traveling at a few miles per hour and the rate of suspension cycle is incredibly slow. Save your money for some other cool gadgets and go with an inexpensive shock. Contradiction – If you find that you frequently need to travel at higher speeds, possibly over some washboard roads to get to your rock-crawling trails, you may consider upgrading to a gas-pressurized or a mono-tube shock absorber.

Medium/High-speed trail runner and/or daily driver – In this instance, if you find yourself traveling at speeds beyond 20 miles per hour on the trail and do a lot of daily driving, you would benefit from upgrading to a mono-tube or reservoir type shock absorber.

High-speed racing and/or mudder and/or extreme off-roader – If you find yourself falling within these categories, you should seriously consider a set of bypass shocks or at a minimum a set of reservoir type shock absorbers.


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